Woodley Business Club is open to businesses and entrepreneurs from Woodley and the surrounding areas.

We bring businesses together to network, support each other and work together.

About the club

We meet once per month on the second Tuesday of the month at the Oakwood Centre, Headley Road, RG5 4JZ from 8 am to 10 am.

Next Events

All 8am start (unless stated)
- Tuesday 11th February 2020
- Tuesday 10th March 2020
- Tuesday 14th April 2020
- Tuesday 12th May 2020
- Tuesday 9th June 2020

What our members say

“The Woodley Business Club is all about networking locally. This means that we can encourage prosperity for local businesses which will then enhance the local area. It will also make running your business simpler and easier. For example, you could meet you website designer locally for a coffee and discuss your needs, rather than talk on a phone or Skype to someone who could be in another country. And should issues occur, being local they are going to be fixed more quickly.” 

Phil Gowler. WoodleyNLP

“Really good to have a business club for the variety of local businesses in Woodley.” 

Jill Whyatt. Forever Living Products.

“What an amazing buzz and an example of the power of networking and support.”

Jacqueline Harris. Breath of Fresh Air.

“Woodley Business Club provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to go to meet other local ones to share ideas and network. By doing this, it is amazing the common challenges being faced regularly by businesses and the willingness of people to share experiences and help one another without fear of giving away trade secrets.”

Mark Rozzier, Woodley United FC

“Woodley Biz Club should be renamed Woodley Buzz Club – I always leave with a spring in my step, full of ideas and energy. Even after a few short months it is already benefiting my business and me personally. I have met a friendly group of people, some of whom I am already collaborating with, others I am using to provide services for my business, and others who are just interesting and nice to know. I would highly recommend local small business owners to come and join us!”

Sarah Browning, Culture and Communication Specialist at Browning York Ltd

Woodley Festival of Business

In partnership with Woodley Town Council, we provide the annual Festival of Business - Woodley, which is a not-for-profit event.
The next "Festival of Business - Woodley" will be taking place on Thursday 11th October 2018. If you're interested please let us know via this link.

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