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Employee, Sole Trader, LLP or Company

Which way do we go?

8th December, 2020 8:00 am

Getting the fundamentals decisions right in a changing world makes a heap of difference for all sorts of reasons.

We think of cost, tax, and legal status issues but making that key decision also affects us in many other ways. Resources are scarce and we must do the best we can with them.

As we move past COVID, insolvency risks and probable changes in legislation on tax means new things to think about.

Graeme’s session will give attendees a chance to ponder what steps to take next.

Open Business Networking

Networking for Business Owners In and Around Woodley, Reading

25th November, 2020 8:00 pm

This is an open network meeting, without a guest speaker.

We’ll start with a general meeting for Club News and general chat. Then there will be a series of breakout rooms, where you’ll get a chance to talk with lots of other local business owners. Ask questions and share ideas with like-minded people.

Stress Busting

10th November, 2020 8:00 am

Phil Gowler form Woodley NLP will have a look at what stress is, what it can do to us (physically and mentally) and how to deal with that.

Our usual sources of stress have been added to in a major way by Covid, so stress busting is even more important now.

However, we will all have ways of managing stress, and it will be great to share those with each other because it could well be that we will pick up ideas that we can try, and so help us manage stress in a positive way. It may even be that we can share some activities together-socially distanced of course!

Following on from Phil’s talk there’ll be plenty of time for networking in our virtual breakout rooms.

A Bit About The Woodley Business Club

Come and Say Hi

We are a group of small business owners in and around Woodley, near Reading in Berkshire, England. We support each other with advice, services and general chat via Twitter, and our main point of contact… our group Facebook page.

Business Networking meet-ups happen twice a month are a great place to share ideas and ask questions, and we usually have a guest speaker too.